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July 21, 2008


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Hey Hollywood suits!
I've watched Jay for his 17 years and will miss him. I WILL NOT ever watch Conan. Ever !
It's not that I don't like him, it's his style. of being too silly.
Jay is witty, Conan - weill, kinda childish. I WILL watch Jimmy Falon. I will probably migrate to Jimmy Kimbell or Craig Fergeson.
You've made a bad decision with Conan -
He'll be like Katie Couric, low ratings .
This will be the obituary for The Tonight Show in my opinion.
So sad!

Los Angeles Critic

Jay Leno is one lucky pedestrian of comedians. How he secured the Tonight Show is beyond belief.

His humor is so pathetic and armature in delivery. No timing, no class, no etiquette.

Leno brings new meaning to a real no-talent frump in a Armani suit.


I haven't watched Leno much
in a long while. I usually flip
between Letterman and Kimmel.

I never really got into O'Brien's
show, and think his tenure on
the Tonight show will be average
at best.


With the addition of cable tv in the 80's late night tv shows are dying a slow death. Leno was good in taking over for Carson years ago, but his act is thin. I've never thought much of O'Brien or Kimmell. The very fact that Kimmell has a show tells you how far the bar has lowered in this once prominant tv slot.

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