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May 18, 2008


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I agree with you Mariah...what will we fans do without out Friday night fix of Mick St. John? Moonlight makes staying home on Friday nights a big occasion! I look forward to it all day...fans on Alex O'Loughlin's My Space page are freaking out over this cancellation. I have written to CBS and will write again and again until I become as annoying as their announcement to cancel this series! Susan K


This sounds so sadly familiar to me. Back in the late 80's I fell in love with a TV show (also on CBS-hmmm...) that reminds me so much of Moonlight. Maybe because they have same man behind both of them. I believe Ron Koslow is the producer or creator of both Moonlight and my beloved Beauty And The Beast. Like Moonlight, Beauty And The Beast had a rabid fanbase, but those were the days before the internet. There was letter writing, phone calls, newsletters, ads in Variety, a fan hotline, conventions, merchandise and a bunch of other stuff. CBS, in its infinite stupidity, still cancelled and broke all the Vincent & Catherine fans' hearts. Ok, so here comes Moonlight. My husband and I both love it. We can't wait to watch it every Friday. Of course, the first episode, I saw Ron Koslow's name in the credits and I got an uneasy feeling. Something told me not to get hooked on this show, somehow I knew it would get cancelled. But of course, I watched anyway and got hooked. I'm really sad that it's cancelled, but hopeful that SciFi will pick it up. I'll stay tuned to those websites to keep updated.


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