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July 12, 2008


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So?...Did Gareth SAY what it was like to kiss John Barrowman? (I need to pare down my list of possible Comic-Con questions.) ;-)


That pic of Gareth David-Lloyd is making me... well, swoon! :)

Josephine McCall

That picture of Jason D. looks like he's being taken to jail... all that's missing are the handcuffs he's apparently waiting on.


How was Klingon Karaoke? Come on, I *know* you went!

I'm a bit happy that Jason's heading mainstream and a bit sad. I'm so tired of mainstream - it's boring. I guess being a actor is about as glamarous as being a reporter - you keep waiting for that big break, but in the meantime you still have to pay the bills. Plus it means no more 'Moonlight.' *cries*

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